Dispatch from Early Spring

I may be a couple of days early, but it is definitely the early days of spring here. Our record-breaking snows of the last couple of months have started receding at an alarming pace — those of you downstream, be prepared! — and what was thigh and waist deep snow a week ago now is ankle deep or less. In fact, for the first time in quite a while, I saw a couple patches of actual ground in my backyard last night.  The birds have erupted in song and we’ve had our first Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Grackles of the year visiting our house. I even caught a glimpse of a Robin flying over our yard yesterday. Yes, it seems spring is on the way.

As it goes in these parts, however, winter to spring is not a smooth transition. Worries of too much snow on our roof have morphed into dealing with a sump pump pipe that is still frozen. While we did not have any issues with damage or flooding in our basement, I did spend a fair bit of time last week preventatively hauling water out of our sump well in 10 gallon Shop-Vac loads (thank goodness there were no stairs involved!) until we were able to rig an outdoor waterfall pump to do the heavy lifting for us until we can give the system enough time to fully thaw. It’ll be a while before we know the fate of the actual sump pump or what the blockage is, but we are hopeful it’s just a matter of letting things thaw out. In the grand scheme of things, I’m thankful that this was just an inconvenience and that we were dealing with the issues before there was actually damage to anything and that now I just have to roll the hose out and plug in the pump. You do what you have to do, but I’m happy to not have to take those multiple trips lifting 10 gallons of water (google tells me that’s about 85 lbs) anymore!

While we awake to the flurry of spring and deal with all that entails, I’ve of course caught the spring cleaning bug as well. No, I’ve not been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix (I read the book when it came out) like the rest of the world. I’m not sure if it’s normal or not, but every year I actually enjoy spring cleaning. There is something about the seasonal change that inspires a fresh, clean start in me. We’ve been in our “new” home almost 2 years now and I’ve been making some minor adjustments in functionality — a broom rack in one closet, a couple hooks in another — and trying to formulate better ways to make tidying more accessible and easier to do regularly. I’ve just, I’ve got a hankering to make things around here a bit more efficient, I suppose you could say. I don’t anticipate this lasting long, so I’m going to ride the wave and enjoy the benefits of it while I can!

But it’s not been all work and fighting the elements and tidying up around here. There has been time for play. The footing on the rotten snow is terrible for hiking, but we’ve been going out anyways. Bear likes to protest a little on the front end as he’s still not very happy about riding in the car. When we start to suit up and ask him if he wants to go on an adventure, he bolts for his crate and does this.


Moose, for those who might not be aware, has always loved going along, no matter what we’re doing. If he could open doors, Moose would be the first one in the car every time. It’s definitely new for us to have to convince a pup to go.  Isn’t that just the case with siblings though? What one loves, the other loathes. C’est la vie!


In any case, once we’re out of the car, Mr. Bear is a happy fellow and is proving almost as good of a trail dog as his big brother. I saw “big” with a grain of salt as this is my hand and Bear’s paw print.


While it’s true that Bear is much fluffier so size comparisons are deceptive with these two, they are growing ever closer in size.


They are both very happy good boys though.ee2ab9b8-dae4-492b-aa15-fd3742b8b750

And they are enjoying the last hurrahs of winter, to be sure.

When not tearing up the trails wit us, they are proving worthy spinning and knitting supervisors.


And I’ve been working on a few things in my spare time as well.

This morning I turned the heel on sock #2 of a new pair of socks for Mr. KS.


I’m going to try to work on this over morning coffee — I think that’s the best recipe for getting it finished in a timely manner.

I also started a new sweater!


It is Tanis Lavallee’s French Braid Cardigan. It’s an interesting construction so far — this is actually the collar which you cast-on with a provisional cast-on, work one direction and then go back to the cast-on and work the other direction so you have live stitches on both ends. My center pick-up is a little messy, but I think it’ll block right on for me. In any case, I’m about to pick-up stitches and begin the actual raglan part of the sweater. So far, I’m really enjoying this one.

I’ve also got 2 spinning projects ready to ply!


This is Tranquil Gleam on a BFL + Nylon base.


And this is Common Ground on Falkland, both from Three Waters Farm and both destined to be traditional 3-plies for the Skill Builder SAL happening over in the group. I’m hoping to start plying later today as I just pulled fiber out of my stash for my next traditional 3-ply spin! I was totally inspired by a member in the group to spin a gradient and I’ve got just the perfect two colorways with which to experiment!

And with this dispatch, this little update from the wee moments of spring, I’m off! I’ve got things to tidy, dogs to play with, yarn to spin, and socks & sweaters to knit! I hope that spring is springing where you are and you are feeling inspired today, too!

20 thoughts on “Dispatch from Early Spring”

  1. WOWIE, what a busy girl you are! It’s so fun, though, to get that urge that spurs you to accomplish. Poor ‘little’ (HA!) Bear and his car phobia. Bless his heart. Seeing the two dogs side-by-side really shows how much he’s grown. He’s huskier that Moose (OMG, look at those feet!!!), but nearly the same size otherwise! As pack animals, I know Moose is enjoying having a buddy. Give them snuggles for me. OH, and the knitting and spinning are great too! 😉

    1. It’s very true. I have a lot of people asking if Bear is full grown. Oh, how I laugh! They are good buddies. There are times Moose is rolling his eyes at the energy there and there are times he clearly enjoys having a canine playmate. It depends whole-heartedly on if he’s had enough sleep. I can relate to those sentiments!

  2. It is so nice to see signs of Spring (more here in Eastern PA than where you are – no more snow for one thing). i’m enjoying the light angles in late afternoon and last week it was so warm (70’s!!) that we sat on the patio for awhile and also did some target shooting (archery). fun!

    That’s a mighty big paw print! Both dogs look so happy out on the trail.

    1. They LOVE the trail. It’s been pretty lovely out here, too, but we’ve maxed out in the upper 40s, *maybe* low 50s. We still have A LOT of snow left. It’s going to be melting for a while. It’s really good for those downstream of us that it’s melting slower now!

  3. Most of our snow is gone as well. I love the picture of Moose & Bear together

    1. We still have a lot of melting to go! You can see about 1/4 of our south-facing front yard, but there are still banks taller than me around! It’ll be a while before it’s all gone!

  4. I’m part of the Beaver Dam, WI knitting group, have heard about your group for a while & thought I’d check you out. I’ve become an avid sock knitter.

  5. So happy the snow is leaving us…only because the roads were so poorly plowed in Milwaukee, that it was challenging to park and get around. Otherwise, I am a snow lover because we have so many beautiful trails to snowshoe, ski and hike.

    Love all the photos and stories about Moose and Bear! I am smitten with them, too. ❤

    1. I bet you are snow-free by now, right?! Honestly, up here the snow was preferable to the potholes beneath! If we have the same amount of snow next year, I am definitely going ot invest in snowshoes!

      1. Still some snow lingering. The potholes are awful…they almost swallow up your car. If you want to get a really good and reasonable pair of snowshoes, Costco has them at the beginning of winter. I have two sets. They come with cramp-ons, poles, abd a

      2. My finger got too close to “send.” The Costco snowshoes also come with a carrying case. I have used mine extensively here, in WI, and in western CO.

  6. So glad you caught the water before it overflowed! And cane up with a creative solution!

    The boys are so cute! I hope Bear settles down and enjoys car rides, it’s a long way to Grandma’s. 😣

    The knitting and spinning – oh my!! Lovely! I am inspired by that same person to spin a gradient. I think I can, I think I can…

    1. I was reassured by the vet that if his car sickness persists, there are medications we can look into. I been doing some research and it seems that car sickness in puppies is common because their ear canals sometimes take longer to develop so they physically aren’t designed to handle it. We had a streak where he was find there for a week or so, but he was sick again the last time we had an adventure. Hopefully we’ll start turning a corner soon!

      1. Interesting! It does make sense because he is growing so fast that things like ear canals aren’t able to keep up. A boy I knew growing up had a horrible time one year when his bones grew faster than his muscles could handle. It all evened out in the end, but he had awful cramp like pain for a long spell. I guess growing pains are real things!

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