It’s Friday and I’ve decided to share not one, but TWO Finished Objects today. I think that means this Fri-day levels-up to Fri-YAY, don’t you?!

My first finished project I’d like to share is my Lesley Sweater!


I’m the first to admit that I may have been a little overzealous with the length.


I was trying to avoid the hits-at-waist-look, but it seems instead of going a smidge longer, I’ve created a tunic — at least that’s how it looks on the mannequin! In reality, on my person, it’s not quite so insanely long, just nearly covering my backside and the fit is actually quite good.  I do reserve the right to rip some back, but I think I’m far more likely to just wear it and enjoy a draft-free sweater. I mean, if I leave the length, than I can probably get away wearing it with stretchy pants out on the trail… that’s something to think about!


The design is just a super simple raglan.


And I adore the pretty blue color, Quince & Co’s Osprey in River. While I’m undecided on whether I’ll leave the length as-is or take some off, I’m positive that I love the fit and feel of this sweater and I’m very happy I finally got around to knitting it!

My other FO today is a pair of socks!


After the whole darning affair of a week or so ago, I dug in and got these done for Mr. Knitting Sarah. As you can see, once again, I got a little overzealous in the length of the cuff — must have been something I was doing in February when I overshot on my Lesley Tunic, I mean Lesley Sweater, as well!


I mean, yikes! Usually I have quite a bit of yarn leftover from these big Regia skeins I use for him, but NOT THIS TIME. It was yarn chicken all the way and I just escaped by the skin of my teeth! I maybe had 5 yards leftover!


In any case, I finished them last night and had to share them today as they need to go right into the sock rotation for Mr. KS. I’ll be casting-on another pair asap as well, to help bolster the reserves, but I am glad to have one new pair heading for his sock drawer. Hopefully one more in the rotation will help the longevity of the newly darned socks. Everyone cross your fingers with me!

This weekend I hope to ply up three spins that are waiting to be finished and maybe get working on the next step of my French Braid Cardigan. Oh, and cast-on that pair of socks, too! What’s on your knitting and spinning agenda for this weekend?

19 thoughts on “FO FriYAY!”

  1. I see you use the Regia. Which one do you use? The 4 ply or the 6 ply? And what size needle? I would love a thicker sock as well. Thanks and I love your blog.

    1. I use 6-ply Regia for my husband on a 3mm needle. For most sport/DK socks I like a 3mm or 3.25mm (depending on the yarn. For 4-ply/fingering weight socks for myself I use a 2.25mm needle. ☺️ Thanks for the kind words!

      1. I think they’re lovely, both of them. In fact, I’ve just been working on a similar sweater and lengthened it for the same reason! Lovely color. Which Regia did you use for the socks? I liked them because they really are much more mixed and not patterned.

      2. It’s from the Musee Collection (which I believe is not longer available) of 6-ply yarns. It was my go-to for my husband because that palette suited him really well. I’m hopefull they come up with another one that is similar soon!

  2. The sweater looks great, and the longer length gives you more wardrobe options. Lovely color of course. Can’t go wrong with quince and co!

    Mr TKS will be glad for new socks, and long works well with boots and such.

    So what do you do with your sock yarn scraps? When they are longer than 5 yards?

    This weekend I am focusing on the button bands on the endless brown sweater, hope to finish it. I have a pretty little beaded scarf on the needles to give my hands a break, but I am going to try to ignore it’s call. 😉

  3. I like the sweater. I especially like that it is almost a tunic length. I find the length comforting and I’m not constantly trying to pull it down. The socks are great. I’ll have to try a DK for knitting The Skippers socks.

  4. When knitting with such beautiful yarn, longer is ALWAYS better, right? Love the projects and I know you and Mr. TKS will adore wearing them. At some point, you need to model the sweater for us!

    1. I need to model ALL the knitwear someday, right?! I find I have such a horrible lag time with how busy life is right now that snapping a few photos on the mannequin is just way faster. Someday I’ll get back to modelling, but for right now this is my short-cut so that things actually make up it up on the blog!

      1. I agree! We’d rather see it on a mannequin than not at all! We’d still love to see you model again one day. 😉

  5. Love your sweater/tunic! I’d keep it long – perfect to go over leggings and still will look nice with jeans. The socks are fun too. My guys actually like longer socks.

    1. My guy is undecided on the longer socks at this point. I think it’s because of the heavier sport/dk weight — I overheat in that sock weight, so it would not surprise me if Mr. KS can’t take the heat of the taller version! I will not get overzealous like that again though!

  6. Hooray for two FO’s! They both look great 🙂 Re: the length of your Lesley sweater, if it were mine I’d definitely leave the length! I have an Ease pullover that I love, and am planning a second version that will cover my backside because I prefer not to have my backside showing when I wear leggings. Of course, there’s always the warmth too, less of a concern in Phoenix than WI 😉

    1. Yes! There are pros and cons to the length. I think I was just surprised because I was kind of aiming for high hip on the length and clearly missed the mark! Honestly, it probably suits my body better this way!

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